1901-12-11 (106lbs) Harry Slough drew 15 Kid McCormac, Mafeking Gym, Leicester, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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11 December (106lbs) Harry Slough drew 15 Kid McCormac, Mafeking Gym, Leicester, England. Referee: Ed Plummer. Billed as an English 106lbs title bout over two-minute rounds, £25 a side and a £15 purse, it should not be considered as such especially as McCormac was close on eight stone. Slow to start with, by the eighth round Slough had forged ahead, but the last three sessions all belonged to McCormac as his extra weight told. According to the Sporting Life, although Slough was in real trouble in the latter rounds, McCormac was too tired to take advantage and a draw was a fair result. Prior to the bout, McCormac had challenged the world, but was later proved to have been a novice. Also, the Leicester Sporting News gave the result, in stark contradiction to all the other papers, as a retirement win for Slough but failed to name the round. Slough never defended his claim and was soon fighting at a higher weight.