1901-12-26 (98lbs) Albert Cocksedge w co 3 (15) Young Tiddler, Mafeking Gym, Leicester, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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26 December (98lbs) Albert Cocksedge w co 3 (15) Young Tiddler, Mafeking Gym, Leicester, England. Referee: Charlie Pearce. Billed for the English 98lbs title it was a hurricane affair right from the start, with Cocksedge concentrating on getting his left lead in at every opportunity while the Tiddler aimed for the inside track. By the middle of the second round Cocksedge’s power, allied to faster punching, was beginning to take its toll on the Tiddler and in the third session sharp lefts and rights to head and body put paid to the latter’s account. There is some doubt over the credence of this as an English title bout as Leicester promotions were normally held over two-minute rounds, but what is clear is that Cocksedge failed to capitalise on his claim.

From here until the end of 1906, Harry Hoad (February 1902), Jack Calder (March 1903), Jimmy Hicks (October 1903), Tommy Paul (November 1903), Bill Pincombe (December 1903) and Young Cohen (February 1904) challenged all England at the weight, while Kid Pearson (May 1906) and Frank Morcombe (September 1906) claimed the 98lbs title without any real backing.