1902-06-13 (115lbs) Harry Forbes w pts 10 Young Devaney, Elyria AC, Denver, Colorado, USA

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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13 June (115lbs) Harry Forbes w pts 10 Young Devaney, Elyria AC, Denver, Colorado, USA. Billed for the 115lbs bantamweight championship of the world, the Rocky Mountain Herald failed to mention the weights of the boxers and one can only assume that they were safely inside. The paper went on to report that the Denver lad put up a remarkable performance against Forbes despite lacking the generalship and science to combat the strong offense of the latter. Round after round Forbes crossed his right to Devaney’s jaw and moved inside with left hooks to the body but was unable to shift his tough rival who looked able to continue a further ten rounds if needed at the final bell.

On 16 October at the Saengerbund Auditorium, Dubuque, Iowa, Forbes knocked out Chick Sullivan in the first of an eight-round contest (also reported as being over three rounds). Although the fight was made at catchweights it was initially thought that Sullivan made 115lbs, but further research showed that to be highly improbable despite certain papers claiming that Forbes was risking his title claim.