1902-09-08 (116lbs) Harry Ware w disq 8 (10) Andrew Tokell, National AC, Marylebone, London, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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8 September (116lbs) Harry Ware w disq 8 (10) Andrew Tokell, National AC, Marylebone, London, England. Articled for the English 116lbs title, Tokell (116¼) was a quarter of a pound over the weight, thus allowing Ware (115) to claim the title by forfeit had he chosen to. While Ware looked to put distance between himself and Tokell, mainly by good left-hand work, the latter appeared happy to claim his man on the inside where he could hit and hold. Almost from the start the referee was kept busy trying to separate the pair of them and this state of affairs would continue almost throughout. There was plenty of hard hitting, both dropping down at least twice apiece in the earlier sessions, and the seventh saw a much better contest with the work being conducted on a fairer scale. Unfortunately, despite being the stronger, the frustrated Tokell reverted to type and was disqualified after 18 seconds of the eighth had elapsed for what the referee called roughing and hitting in holds in a glaring manner.

Ware announced his retirement on 6 October in order to take over the Black Horse Hotel at Great Linford, Buckinghamshire, but stated if the terms were right he would come back as champion. On 28 October, Tokell challenged the world at the weight and claimed his old title back.