1902-12-22 (148lbs) Bobby Dobbs drew 20 Joe White, Grand Theatre, Cardiff, Wales

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1902-12-22 (148lbs) Bobby Dobbs drew 20 Joe White, Grand Theatre, Cardiff, Wales. Made at 148lbs, the result proved nothing, especially as it was contested over two-minute rounds. The first six rounds were evenly fought before the seventh saw both men on the attack, the session ending with Dobbs (148) being floored twice after White (146) had got his right and left hands working in harmony. At this stage, Dobbs was weak and he again visited the boards in the eighth. However, in the ninth Dobbs made a great recovery and it was White’s turn to hit the floor following a tremendous left-hand swing. Dobbs was now in the ascendancy, winning many of the latter rounds, but White’s early lead ultimately held him in good stead and there were no howls of protest when a drawn verdict was given. This was the first distance fight at the weight held in Britain for over ten years and despite Tom Woodley (October 1898) and Jim Styles (September 1899) challenging all England for supremacy at the weight since 1898 nothing concrete had happened. However, Woodley continued to challenge all England at 148lbs throughout the following four years and appeared to have the best claim to the English title when throwing down the gauntlet to the winner of Dobbs v White.