1903-04-25 (146lbs) Charlie Knock w co 4 (10) Tom Woodley, Wonderland, Mile End, London, England

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1903-04-25 (146lbs) Charlie Knock w co 4 (10) Tom Woodley, Wonderland, Mile End, London, England. Referee: Joe Hyman. Thought to have been made at 146lbs, right from the start it could be seen that Knock had a decided advantage in height and reach, and in the second round he dropped Woodley with a swinging right after setting the latter up with heavy lefts. Getting up in good condition, Woodley tore into Knock for the rest of the session. Despite that, the third round saw Woodley floored four times before a right under the heart from Knock in the fourth, that followed several heavy blows, saw the former dropped for the full count. Although it was contested over ten two-minute rounds Knock claimed the English 144lbs title, a statement refuted by Woodley, who said that Knock had no right to call himself the English champion at 144lbs as he held the championship belt. Woodley went on to say that he would fight Knock, or anyone else, at 144lbs any time over 20 three-minute rounds for an NSC purse. On 6 October, Knock failed to show at the offices of the Sporting Life when due to sign for an English 144lbs title fight against Pat Daly and thus forfeited to the latter. Later in the year, on 21 December, America’s Jack Clancy also failed to turn up at the Sporting Life offices to sign for a bout with Daly that would decide the world 144lbs title.