1903-05-26 (115lbs) Harry Forbes w pts 15 Maurice Rauch, Missouri AC, Vineyard Hall, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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26 May (115lbs) Harry Forbes w pts 15 Maurice Rauch, Missouri AC, Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Made at 115lbs, with both men inside at the 3pm weigh-in, the Kansas City Star reported this to be a billed title bout and after 15 rounds of fast and clever fighting Forbes held on to his claim. As expected, Rauch proved a tough customer and no easy opponent as he fought viciously for the opening nine rounds, but Forbes, boxing in a scientific manner, was just too clever for him. Eventually, Forbes tired of going for the head and switched downstairs, working overtime in the region below the heart, but he continued to find Rauch a difficult man to knock over and ultimately had to settle for the points.