1903-11-09 (122lbs) George Dixon w pts 20 Pedlar Palmer, Ginnett’s Circus, Newcastle, England

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1903-11-09 (122lbs) George Dixon w pts 20 Pedlar Palmer, Ginnett’s Circus, Newcastle, England. Referee: J. R. Smoult. Billed for the world 122lbs title over two-minute rounds, when Palmer (122) scaled above the articled weight Dixon (120) claimed the forfeit before going on outscore the Englishman. Although Palmer revealed some fine form in the opening ten sessions, his leading, feinting and general slipperyness enabling him to run up a good sequence of points, from thereon it was all Dixon who landed all the best punches, especially during the last four rounds.

After taking a short distance fight in Hull during March 1904, Palmer set sail for South Africa and met the London-born Dan Hyman (w rsc 9 at the Wanderers Hall, Johannesburg on 26 May) and Cape Town’s Watty Austin twice, drawing over 20 rounds at Camps Bay Pavilion, Cape Town on 11 July and winning on points over the same distance at the same venue on 8 August. The contest against Hyman was made at 124lbs (20 two-minute rounds), while the first Austin bout was set for 130lbs. The second Austin fight supposedly involved the South African international featherweight title but no weights were given or stipulated. Palmer was also reported as having met Austin Taylor in South Africa, drawing over 20 rounds at the Masonic Hall, Cape Town on 20 June, but that result has never been properly validated.

On arriving home Palmer met Young Joseph (w pts 15 at Wonderland, Mile End, London on 12 December) at 130lbs before going on to fight Ben Jordan for the 124lbs English title on 12 December.