1903-12-29 (158lbs) Philadelphia Jack O’Brien drew 10 Hugo Kelly, Vineyard’s Hall, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

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1903-12-29 (158lbs) Philadelphia Jack O'Brien drew 10 Hugo Kelly, Vineyard’s Hall, Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Referee: Dave Porteous. According to the Kansas City Star both men were safely inside the articled 158lbs, thus putting their title claims at the weight on the line. Making an extremely fast start, O’Brien landed a dozen blows before Kelly could get going. Prior to the end of the third round, when dropped to his knees by a hard right uppercut, O’Brien had continued to send in lefts to Kelly’s face. However, after the knockdown he was more wary. From the eighth through to the final bell, Kelly was the stronger of the two, and although he hit the target less than O’Brien his punches carried more steam. The referee’s decision of a draw seemed to be taken in good stead by the crowd regardless of O’Brien appearing to be the winner.