1904-06-18 (142lbs) Bobby Dobbs w pts 20 Peter Brown, Ginnett’s Circus, Newcastle, England

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1904-06-18 (142lbs) Bobby Dobb w pts 20 Peter Brown, Ginnett’s Circus, Newcastle, England. Referee: Billy Bell. Billed for the world 142lbs title, the report in the Sporting Life stated that Brown looked out of condition but failed to list the individual weights. Up to the sixth round neither man could claim any advantage according to the fight report, but in the seventh a left to the body followed by a right swing to the head brought Brown to his knees. By the ninth Brown was in the ascendancy, courtesy of his skill and power, and in the 12th he staggered Dobbs with a terrific right under the heart. Unfortunately for Brown his challenge was short lived and after being smashed to the floor by a right to the head in the 14th, Dobbs dominated from thereon to take the decision.

There had been little activity in this weight class in recent years in Britain, mainly challenges and counter challenges with nothing being settled. By February 1905 both Jack Bayley and Brown were challenging all England without proving anything, prior to Aldgate’s Young Joseph coming through the ranks in 1907.