1905-02-13 (142lbs) Sam Langford drew 15 Dave Holly, Apollo AC, Salem, Massachusetts, USA

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1905-02-13 (142lbs)Sam Langforddrew 15 Dave Holly, Apollo AC, Salem, Massachusetts, USA. Referee: Jack Sheehan. Made at 142lbs, with Langford supposedly defending his title claim at the weight, Holly was well inside at the weigh-in while the former, unable to make the contracted poundage, was forced to pay a forfeit. Following that and for the fight to go ahead, Holly (137½) insisted that if both men were on their feet at the final bell a draw would be announced. Fast and hard all the way, Langford’s extra weight favoured him over the last half of the contest but by then he had already proved to be the more skilful. For most of the time Holly worked out of a crouch, sending in punches from both hands and trying to work his famous ‘loop the loop’ blow when at close quarters, but the real power belonged to Langford.