1905-04-10 (112lbs) Jim Kenrick w pts 15 Ike Bradley, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England

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1905-04-10 (112lbs) Jim Kenrick w pts 15 Ike Bradley, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England. Referee: J. H. Douglas. Billed for the English 112lbs title, the Mirror of Life gave Kenrick as being 111lbs to Bradley’s 109, while the Sporting Life had them as 109lbs and 107, respectively. While Kenrick immediately resorted to aggressive tactics, Bradley, assuming a crouching position with a high guard, looked to get the right hand going. However, he was generally beaten to the punch. By the fifth round Bradley was beginning to mark up as Kenrick increased his lead when having the better of the exchanges. Things did not get any better for Bradley, and in the ninth he was battered all over the ring as Kenrick appeared to hit him when and where he pleased. Despite being under a lot of pressure from there onwards, Bradley showed his mettle when making it to the final bell.

On 4 May, at the former Adelphi Theatre, Liverpool, Kenrick and Bradley drew over 20 two-minute rounds, which had no credence as a title fight and was not articled as such. Another two-minute rounder at the same venue saw Kenrick beat Johnny Hughes on an 11th-round disqualification on 25 May. Kenrick was then outpointed over 15 rounds by Phineas Emmanuel at the Queen Street Hall, Cardiff, Wales on 12 June. Regardless of the result, the Mirror of Life reported that Kenrick was still the champion, so one can only assume that the Welshman failed to make the weight.