1905-04-25 (158lbs) Hugo Kelly w pts 10 Philadelphia Jack O’Brien, Tomlinson Hall, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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1905-04-25 (158lbs) Hugo Kelly w pts 10 Philadelphia Jack O'Brien, Tomlinson Hall, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Referee: Jack Ryan. Made at 158lbs, with O’Brien reckoned to be heavier, Kelly effectively took over the former’s title claim at the weight. O’Brien later claimed that both he and Kelly had agreed in advance not to try for a kayo and that the referee should declare a draw if they were both still standing at the end of ten rounds. Having felt he had clearly outpointed Kelly, he went on to say that surprise turned to anger when the referee awarded the decision to the latter. Fight reports stated that O’Brien, who was cautioned several times for using rough tactics, had Kelly much distressed in the sixth and did well from thereon but was almost out at the end. The referee was reported to have given the decision to Kelly because of his staying power, whereas he had occasionally warned O’Brien to buck his ideas up.

Meanwhile, in Britain on 27 April, Pat O'Keefe challenged all England at 158lbs and was followed by Charlie Wilson in September when it was announced that Jack Palmer was moving up to the heavyweight division.