1905-05-10 (122lbs) Abe Attell w pts 10 Harry Forbes, Light Guard Armory, Detroit, Michigan, USA

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1905-05-10 (122lbs) Abe Attell w pts 10 Harry Forbes, Light Guard Armory, Detroit, Michigan, USA. Referee: Eddie Ryan. Despite being called a fake because there were so few punches thrown, with both men inside 122lbs it should still be seen as a defence of Attell’s title claim at the weight. By the end of the fourth round it was clear to many paying customers, who were leaving the hall in their droves, that neither man was doing of his best. And by the beginning of the sixth the referee had also got the message, which led to a caution. Subsequently, Attell began to work, beating Forbes down and cutting his features while totting up the points with sharp jabs. Albeit that many of Attell’s jabs were light in weight they were still scoring blows, and although Forbes tried to hit back the only punch he landed of value was a solid right hook in the ninth that staggered the champion. Ultimately, it was seen as no more than a sparring session for Attell.

Over in England, George Moore (who won a 122lbs championship competition by outpointing Boss Edwards over ten rounds at Wonderland, Mile End, London on 18 March 1905) was claiming the English 122lbs title on 17 May 1905 and was interested in meeting Attell.

Meantime, Attell called in at the NSC in London on 11 September to try and make a match with Joe Bowker, England’s world bantamweight champion, who had just won the English 124lbs featherweight title weighing under 120lb. Unfortunately, Bowker was already contracted to fight Spike Robson, leaving Attell uninterested in fighting Wally Morgan, Cockney Cohen and Moore, who all had a better claim than Bowker at 122lbs.