1905-12-18 Jack Palmer w co 4 (20) Geoff Thorne, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England

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1905-12-18 Jack Palmer w co 4 (20) Geoff Thorne, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England. Billed for the vacant English title, prior to the contest and following much criticism it was reported that Thorne (who won four ABA titles as an amateur under his real name of Geoffrey Townsend) had every right to meet Palmer as British heavyweights were of such poor standard. Palmer made a good start when breaking through Thorne’s guard several times with rights and lefts to the head and momentarily dropped his man just before the first round ended. Down again the second, when Palmer went to help him up, Thorne was heard to exclaim: “It’s all right, thank you”. In the fourth, Palmer started to play for the body and on knocking Thorne flat on his face following a heavy to that region cries of “Foul” went up as the latter was counted out. However, the ruling official judged that Thorne partially pushed the blow down himself and the decision stayed. On winning, Palmer cemented his right to be called the English champion and immediately challenged the world. Palmer’s first defence of the English title would come against Gunner Moir, who knocked out Jim Casey inside three rounds of a final eliminator at the NSC on 26 February 1906.