1906-04-23 (156lbs) Pat O’Keefe w co 6 (15) Charlie Allum, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England

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1906-04-23 (156lbs) Pat O'Keefe w co 6 (15) Charlie Allum, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England. Referee: Tom Scott. Billed for the English 156lbs title, the early part of the contest was a scrambling affair that was epitomised when Allum (153½) was warned in the fourth for holding O’Keefe (156) around the neck with the left while punching away with the right. Before the round was over, however, O’Keefe was battering Allum with both hands to the body as the latter held on like a limpet. Cautioned repeatedly in the fifth for holding on while trying to avoid the body blows Allum was all at sea in the sixth, and after another series of punches to the wind he dropped to the floor to be counted out.

Eventually, Tom Lancaster (who had outpointed South Africa’s Andrew Jeptha over 20 rounds at Ginnett’s Circus, Newcastle on 24 February 1908) challenged all England at 156lbs when recognising that O'Keefe was moving up. Although accepted by Jack Kingsland to decide the English 156lbs title nothing came of it.

With there being no further activity the weight class faded away following the NSC setting the middleweight limit at 160lbs on 11 February 1909.