1906-10-29 (108lbs) Sam Kellar w co 9 (15) Mark Verrall, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England

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1906-10-29 (108lbs) Sam Keller w co 9 (15) Mark Verrall, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England. Billed for the English 108lbs title, Verrall (107), the title claimant, made a good start, but by the third round Keller (108) was getting on top and in the fourth he dropped the Tottenham man for ‘five’ with a left hook. Coming back well, Verrall began to mix it up before both men went to ground together in the eighth. The ninth session saw Keller on the attack, when recognising that Verrall was still dazed, and following a solid uppercut and two rights to the jaw the latter dropped down to be counted out.

With Verrall still claiming the 108lbs title on the premise that the winner could not make 108lbs again and Ralph Marshall challenging all England (January 1907), Keller soon moved on.

On 8 November in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Canada’s Billy Smith outpointed Joe Daly over 12 rounds. Reported in the Sporting Life, there was no information about the boxers’ weights and despite the article stating that it was billed for the world 106lbs championship it was not taken seriously. Incidentally, Smith was billed as Ike Dorsett.