1908-03-03 (133lbs) Jimmy Britt nd-drew 10 Battling Nelson, Pacific AC, Los Angeles, California, USA

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1908-03-03 March (133lbs) Jimmy Britt nd-¬drew 10 Battling Nelson, Pacific AC, Los Angeles, California, USA. Made at 133lbs, with both men inside and Britt’s ‘white’ title at stake, although he was the most effective scorer Nelson was always a danger and there was little between them at the final bell. In the fifth round through the seventh, Nelson slammed into Britt with lefts and rights, having the latter in a bad way before he weathered the storm. The last three sessions went to Britt, who gradually clawed back any lost points with the use of accurate blows that left Nelson floundering at times. Following a sixth-round kayo defeat at catchweights by Packey McFarland at the Mission Street Arena, Colma, San Francisco, California on 11 April, Britt travelled to London where he would end his career after three contests against Johnny Summers, the recognised English 134lbs champion. They were all made at catchweights in order to protect Britt’s diminishing world title claim at 133lbs and resulted in a ten-round points win for the American at Wonderland, Mile End on 31 July 1909, followed by Summers gaining the upper hand with a 20-round points win at the NSC, Covent Garden on 22 February 1909 and a ninth-round kayo victory at the Memorial Grounds, West Ham on 31 July 1909.