1909-09-06 Sam Kellar drew 20 Albert Cocksedge, Scottish National AC, Glasgow, Scotland

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1909-09-06 Sam Keller drew 20 Albert Cocksedge, Scottish National AC, Glasgow, Scotland. Despite a lack of billing and no individual weights being published it was made at 112lbs and would undoubtedly have involved both of the fighters’ British title claims at the weight. Although Cocksedge attacked with relish throughout it was Keller, using great skill and blocking tactics who often took the eye, especially when countering the former’s rushes. While Cocksedge did enough scoring to warrant a share of the verdict to keep his claim alive, Keller was soon boxing among the bantams despite stating that he could make 112lbs if required.

On 29 September, Young Joey Smith outscored Eddie Morgan over 20 rounds at the Millfield Hotel, Pontypridd. Billed for the British and world 106lbs titles, but contested over two-minute rounds, Smith scaled 106lbs to Morgan’s 98½lbs. Earlier, on 4 September, Smith had outpointed Little Joe Shears over 20 rounds at Forrester’s Music Hall, Mile End, London in a fight that was originally billed for the British 100lbs title and Mr Harman’s Championship Belt. However, Smith (106) came in six pounds overweight and the fight went on at catchweights, with Shears weighing just 98lbs. Shears could justifiably have claimed the title by forfeit if the contest had more standing, it being contested over two-minute rounds. Amazingly, it was Smith who was presented with the belt and who had then claimed the English title at 106lbs on the substance of the result.

This was followed by Joe Percival outpointing Curly Osborne over 20 rounds at the St James’ Hall, Newcastle on 4 October. Contested at catchweights, but with Percival thought to be inside 106lbs, Osborne’s British 106lbs title claim was certainly on the slide from thereon and, on 11 November, Paddy Carroll outpointed him over 20 rounds at the International AC, Liverpool.

On 13 November, Shears drew over 15 rounds with Llew Probert at the Welsh National AC, Merthyr Tydfil. Billed for the 102lbs British title and carrying a £40 purse, it was probably a misprint with both Shears (98) and Probert (99) being inside 100lbs. Shears next outpointed James Easton over 20 rounds at the Scottish National AC on 6 December. Advertised as being for the British 100lbs title despite it being contested over two-minute rounds, Shears failed to establish any real claim, especially as the weight classes beneath the new flyweight division lacked support.

Yet another claim below 112lbs saw Harry McDermott force Osborne to retire in the 11th round of a scheduled 20 at the St James’ Hall on 20 December. In a contest billed for the British 108lbs paperweight title, both men came in on the weight.

On 20 December, Young Joey Smith forced Kid Sullivan to retire in the ninth of a scheduled 25-round contest at the Millfield Hotel, which was billed for the British and world 106lbs titles.