1909-09-15 (142lbs) Jimmy Gardner nd-w pts 10 Clarence English, Boyd’s Theatre, Omaha, Nebraska, USA

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1909-09-15 (142lbs) Jimmy Gardner nd-w pts 10 Clarence English, Boyd’s Theatre, Omaha, Nebraska, USA. Referee: Jack Sheehan. Although no weights were reported in the Omaha World Herald, the paper called Gardner the world champion and went on to say that English expected to win the 142lbs title in this one. The press reported that Gardner could have put English out anytime he wanted but held back and treated it as an exhibition, cuffing the latter as and where he pleased. In the absence of no blood and no knockdowns, Gardner later stated that as he had signed for a scientific contest with no real fighting allowed that is what he adhered to.

The following November Harry Lewis demanded that Gardner make 142lbs in order to decide the championship, but as neither could make that weight anymore it came to nothing.

Although the 1910 TS Andrews’ Annual (covering 1909) continued to show Gardner as a title claimant, and the Sporting Life reported on 28 December that in the NSC scale of weights, Americans now disputing the title at 147lbs included Lewis, Mike Twin Sullivan, Kyle Whitney and Gardner, from thereon the later fought above the weight class. That was certainly true of his next four contests, against Young Loughrey (nd-w pts 6 at the National AC, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 2 October), Bill McKinnon (w rsc 4 at the Armory AA, Boston, Massachusetts on 26 October), Sullivan (l pts 12 at the Grand Opera House, New Haven, Connecticut on 29 November) and Jimmy Clabby (nd-drew 10 at the Badger AC, Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 11 March 1910). Despite the last-named bout being advertised as one in which the title issue would be sorted out on the result, with Gardner coming to the ring weighing 155lbs it was a fallacy. Subsequently, Gardner was recognised as a middleweight.