1910-02-19 (147lbs) Harry Lewis drew 25 Willie Lewis, The Circus, Paris, France

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1910-02-19 (147lbs) Harry Lewis drew 25 Willie Lewis, The Circus, Paris, France. Referee: Snowy Lawrence. With the formation of' the IBU currently being proposed and with Harry Lewis bringing his title claim from America, this was accepted as a title fight in France at 147lbs. After both men had been announced as making the weight at the 2pm weigh-in, hostilities began and before the opening session was over Willie had been dropped twice from left-rights to the jaw. When Willie was dropped again in the second it looked to be all over but he fought back courageously despite being outpointed all the way before being put down again, in the 11th. The 15th saw Willie in a different light as for the first time in the contest he did all the leading and scored heavily. Although Willie did all the leading for a few rounds, Harry came back in the 20th to force matters once again and in the 25th a right swing to the jaw put his rival down again. It was clear to most that Harry had won handsomely and when Willie was given a share of the decision it was seen as being more diplomatic than realistic.

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