1910-04-18 (126lbs) Jim Driscoll w co 15 (20) Spike Robson, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England

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1910-04-18 (126lbs) Jim Driscoll w co 15 (20) Spike Robson, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England. Billed for the British 126lbs title and also involving Driscoll’s other championship claims, the fight will go down in history not so much for Driscoll’s wonderful display of boxing but for Robson’s gameness against all the odds. Although Driscoll seemed to find the target easy to hit, Robson consistently walked through the punches to give the Welshman plenty to think about, often hurting him. In the fifth round Robson tore from his corner and after Driscoll had sidestepped him he crashed head first on to the latter’s stool that had not been removed. How Robson, his head badly cut, got up nobody knew, but there he was in front of Driscoll and ready to go almost immediately. Driscoll himself was struggling, his right eye having been closed in the fourth, but he kept away from danger as best he could while still scoring with lefts and rights. Regardless of how many punches that were pumped into him Robson always came back for more, lashing in heavy blows of his own, and at times simply ignored his rival. The end for Robson came when a left to the jaw dropped him in the 15th after he had been boxed to a standstill in the 14th. Up at ‘three’, Robson was shaky and after a left-right to the chin put him down again, this time for ‘seven’, he staggered around the ring before falling to the floor of his own accord. Boxing reported that Robson was finally knocked out and remained out for the best part of an hour. At times he almost looked like winning until sheer exhaustion finished him for the night.