1910-05-04 (147lbs) Harry Lewis w co 3 (20) Peter Brown, Wagram Theatre, Paris, France

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1910-05-04 (147lbs) Harry Lewis w co 3 (20) Peter Brown, Wagram Rooms, Paris, France. Referee: F.G.Calhoun. Billed for the world 147lbs title, Brown, who was saved by the bell at the end of the opening round following a left-right to the jaw, met Lewis blow for blow in the second session as though nothing had happened. The third had been in progress about a minute when Brown, in the act of over-reaching, was caught on the jaw by a right and took a ‘nine’ count. It was later recognised that the true count was ‘14’. Almost immediately Brown went down again from a right to the ear and seemed to be on his feet at ‘ten’ the referee sent him back to his corner, amidst much protestation by all and sundry, saying that he had been counted out.

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