1910-05-05 (147lbs) Jimmy Clabby nd-w pts 10 Dixie Kid, Empire AC, Maspeth, Queens, NYC, New York, USA

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1910-05-05 (147lbs) Jimmy Clabby nd-w pts 10 Dixie Kid, Empire AC, Queens, NYC, New York, USA. Initially due to fight Mike Twin Sullivan, who pulled out of a contest made at 147lbs due to financial reasons, Clabby (139) met the Dixie Kid (147) instead. The New York Times reported that the Kid, or George Brown as he was christened, was the recognised champion (despite never defending his claim) and would probably still have lost to Clabby even if had come in fully fit, not as an 11th-hour substitute. Although there was plenty of holding, Clabby’s punches were far more frequent and accurate than those that the Kid threw and in the sixth round the latter was being taunted by his young rival, who hammered in punches with both hands as if for fun.

There were no knockdowns, but at the end of the fight it was the Kid who was looking the worst for wear, with badly battered features and worn out, while an unmarked Clabby, who was already claiming the 142lbs title, also laid claim to the 147lbs championship.