1910-06-10 (133lbs) Ad Wolgast nd-w pts 10 Jack Redmond, The Hippodrome, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

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1910-06-10 (133lbs) Ad Wolgast nd-¬w pts 10 Jack Redmond, The Hippodrome, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. With both men inside 130lbs, the Los Angeles Times reported that the champion snapped a bone in his left forearm in the seventh round, having earlier hurt his left knuckle on Redmond’s elbow in the fourth, but was forced to carry on in order to safeguard his title. Although he had taken it easy up to that stage Wolgast found it difficult to defend with the left by his side from the eighth onwards, but using a right uppercut he soon had Redmond wary and was able to stall his way through to the final bell. According to some newspapers, Redmond received the press decision, but others showed Wolgast to have had a good lead up until to the seventh and held it.