1910-09-09 (142lbs) Dixie Kid nd-w pts 10 Willie Lewis, National SC, Manhattan, NYC, New York, USA

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1910-09-09 (142lbs) Dixie Kid nd-w pts 10 Willie Lewis, National SC, Manhattan, NYC, New York, USA. According to press reports this one was made at 142lbs, 3pm weigh-in, and that both men had no difficulty in making the required poundage. It was a fierce fight, with Lewis wobbling all over the ring at times as the Kid went to work with swings and hooks, and although many were blocked those that got through hurt. The last two sessions saw Lewis in big trouble, his excellent defence saving him, before the final bell came to his rescue.

Ten days later, on 19 September, the Kid took on Dick Nelson in a ten-round no-decision contest at the Olympia AC, Manhattan. After a hammer-and-tongs battle throughout the press felt that Nelson deserved the verdict, his straight lefts, right crosses and uppercuts at close quarters being most effective. He also scored the only knockdown of the fight. Following the contest, Nelson, who was inside 142lbs, claimed the title. However, to receive any form of recognition Nelson would have had to beat the Kid inside the distance. With no support forthcoming after he was defeated by Harry Lewis at the America AC, Schenectady, New York on 7 November any title hopes Nelson had disappeared. Lewis was Nelson’s master at every stage, flooring the latter three times in the first and twice in the second before landing the kayo punch.

Meanwhile, the Kid, continuing to claim the 142lbs title, was matched against Harry Duncan at the Rotunda Skating Rink, Dublin, Ireland on 10 July 1911. When a riot ensued, with Duncan ahead on the scorecards, the referee stopped the contest in the fifth round and announced a no-decision verdict. Even though the fight had been billed for the world welter title the Kid claimed that Duncan was close on 154lbs, thus making the billing farcical if true.