1910-10-24 (122lbs) Abe Attell w pts 10 Johnny Kilbane, The Hippodrome, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

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1910-10-24 (122lbs) Abe Attell w pts 10 Johnny Kilbane, The Hippodrome, Kansas City, Missouri, USA. According to the Kansas City Star this was a billed title fight with both men inside 122lbs, but strangely for a man who wanted to win a world title Kilbane was always in retreat except for the eighth round. With Attell chasing his man all night, when close enough he drove in enough blows to head and body to come out an easy winner.

In his very next fight Attell took on Biz Mackey (nd-w rsc 6 at Brown’s Gym, Queens, NYC, New York on 27 October), and while there was no mention of weights in the New York papers the Chicago Evening Star reported that all aspirations of becoming a champion were knocked out of Mackey.

A day later, Attell met Eddie Kelly (nd-w co 4 at the Mohawk Valley AC, Amsterdam, New York). Although it was thought to have been a catchweight contest no weights were mentioned. It was also thought that Kelly was inside 122lbs.

On 13 November, Attell drew over 15 rounds with Frankie Conley at the West Side AC, New Orleans, Louisiana. Originally billed for the title over 20 rounds, the fight only went ahead at catchweights and reduced to 15 rounds after Attell was experiencing weight-making difficulties. While Attell’s weight was announced as being 124lbs, Conley, who came in at 121lbs, could have claimed the title had he won.

Two more contests for an over-the-weight Attell, in which he allowed his opponents to make 122lbs, saw him up against Joe Coster (nd-l pts 10 at the Clermont Rink, Brooklyn, NYC on 9 January 1911) and Patsy Kline (nd-w pts 10 at the National SC, Manhattan, NYC on 13 January 1911). The New York Times reported that the crafty champion was never in danger of losing his title in either bout.