1910-10-26 (158lbs) Billy Papke w co 6 (20) Ed Williams, The Stadium, Sydney, Australia

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1910-10-26 (158lbs) Billy Papke w co 6 (20) Ed Williams, The Stadium, Sydney, Australia. According to the Sydney Daily Telegraph, this was to be the first world middleweight title bout held in Australia. However, following the fight, and after Papke had scaled 160lbs to Williams’ 158, the same newspaper stated that Papke’s title claim had not been at stake on the grounds that 158lbs was the recognised limit. According to press reports, Papke toyed with Williams for five rounds before raining in blows from both hands in the sixth, one of which caused the latter to be counted out.

On 11 February, also at The Stadium, Papke was outpointed over 20 rounds by fellow-American Cyclone Johnny Thompson. Prior to the fight, the Sydney Daily Telegraph referred to Papke as the champion, but there was no mention of this having involved the championship and the paper went on to say that Papke held all the advantages in height, weight and reach in a match made at 164lbs. Reports from another source have Papke scaling 165lbs to Thompson's 158, with the match made at catchweights. That aside, the reason for Thompson claiming the championship appears to stem from the fact that he was inside 158lbs and weighed 153½lbs after the fight.

Meanwhile, Papke continued to style himself as champion and, before leaving Sydney, avenged an earlier defeat by Dave Smith when knocking the New Zealander out in seven rounds at The Stadium on 11 March 1911, in a match made at 165lbs.