1911-04-29 (147lbs) Willie Lewis w pts 20 Dixie Kid, The Circus, Paris, France

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1911-04-29 (147lbs) Willie Lewis w pts 20 Dixie Kid, The Circus, Paris, France. Referee: Dr Phelan. With both men inside 147lbs, the Kid went for Lewis right from the opening bell, lashing in blows from both hands, through the opening 15 rounds without ever knocking the latter down. During those sessions, Lewis seemed quite happy to cover up and wait for the Kid to burn himself, and it was only in the 16th that he took a turn at the punching part of the game as Boxing put it. This was a defence of the title that Lewis was claiming after twice drawing with his namesake, Harry Lewis, and at the end of the contest when the decision went against the Kid it was heard in disbelief. While Lewis had boxed an excellent defensive fight the fact that he had not done the lion’s share of the scoring should have counted against him.

Despite being disqualified in the third round of a match made at 147lbs at Wonderland, Mile End, London, England on 3 July against fellow-American Blink McCloskey (149), the Kid was still claiming to be the champion at the weight.