1911-06-08 (158lbs) Billy Papke w rsc 10 (20) Jim Sullivan, The Palladium, London, England

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1911-06-08 (158lbs) Billy Papke w rsc 10 (20) Jim Sullivan, The Palladium, London, England. Referee: Eugene Corri. Made at 158lbs and billed for the title, both men were announced as being inside the agreed weight limit. Fast and furious from the opening bell, once Sullivan had settled down he got his left hand working, as well as the right cross, as he fended off the slashing attacks of the American and was in the fight until the ninth round. Fighting at range, Sullivan could never subdue Papke, who was at his best on the inside, and the referee continually had to break them as they clashed at close quarters. Towards the end of the ninth, Papke finally got through Sullivan’s defences when a savage uppercut sent the latter down for ‘five’. After Sullivan staggered back to his corner and was unable to answer the bell for the tenth round, the referee stopped the bout in the American’s favour. Back in America, on 22 August at the Twentieth Century SC, Manhattan, NYC, New York, an over-the-weight Papke lost a ten-round press decision to Sailor Burke in a fight the New York Times reported as one which involved Papke’s title claim. Another fight for Papke, a 12-round points defeat at the hands of Bob Moha at the Armory AA, Boston, Massachusetts on 31 October, that was thought to have involved his 158lbs claim was later proved to be false, although it did not stop Moha from claiming the championship. With both men well in excess of 158lbs, it was reckoned to be one of the worst fakes ever seen in Boston and Moha’s claim failed to stand up.