1911-11-15 (122lbs) Abe Attell nd-w pts 10 Young Johnny Cohen, Houston AC, Manhattan

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1911-11-15 (122lbs) Abe Attell nd-w pts 10 Young Cohen, Houston AC, Manhattan, NYC, New York, USA. With both men inside 122lbs at ringside Attell’s title claim was up for grabs, but Cohen was unable to make a dent other than in the first round. With Attell’s jab popping in and out, by the fifth Cohen’s left eye was almost closed and with the champion’s defence almost impregnable there was simply no way through.

Just five days later, on 20 November, Attell met Willie Jones (nd-w pts 10 at the Olympic AC, Manhattan) in a contest that the New York Tribune reported to be one of two fights in a week where Attell would risk his American 122lbs title claim in New York. All these years later it is difficult to know whether Attell made 122lbs for Jones or whether he allowed the latter to make the championship weight. The same thing can be said for his last three opponents in 1911, namely Leo Johnson (nd-w rsc 5 on 23 November at the Malvern AC, Bronx, NYC), Patsy Kline (nd-w pts 10 on 1 December at the National AC, Manhattan, NYC) and Jones again (nd-w pts 10 on 2 December at the Gowanus AC, Brooklyn, NYC).