1911-11-27 Bill Kyne w pts 20 Young George Dando, St James’ Hall, Newcastle, England

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1911-11-27 Bill Kyne w pts 20 Young George Dando, St James’ Hall, Newcastle, England. Made at 112lbs and billed for the British title, Kyne was badly cut in the 16th round but kept going to win the fight, his cleverness and punch power, especially to the body, swinging the verdict in his favour. Reckoned to be the fastest 20-round contest imaginable, both men were congratulated on their wonderful performances.

On 11 January 1912 at The Stadium, Liverpool, Kyne lost his British title claim when he was beaten by Louis Ruddick at 112lbs. Having been down in the third and sixth, and having lost virtually every round, Ruddick won by a 14th-round disqualification when dropping to the floor claiming that Kyne had forcibly squeezed him in the throat.

A few weeks earlier, Ruddick had beaten Jimmy Berry on a fourth-round disqualification at the St James’ Hall on 18 December. Despite a lack of weights and billing Ruddick was thought to have taken over Berry’s 106lbs claim, but quickly moved up to 112lbs when matched against Kyne.

While Kyne next lost to Joe Wilson at 114lbs, Ruddick, having already lost to Sid Smith, was unable to build on his win even though he had outpointed Curley Walker over 20 rounds at The Ring, Southwark, London, on 11 March 1912.

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