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1912-02-23 (147lbs) Mike Gibbons nd-w co 2 (10) Willie Lewis, Empire AC, Maspeth, Queens, NYC, New York, USA. Made at 147lbs with both men inside, this was the second meeting between the pair in recent months and this time Gibbons took over Lewis’ title claim after winning by a knockout. The first round saw Gibbons firing in lefts and rights to the head, while Lewis swung wildly and was dropped for ‘nine’ right at the end of the session. Coming out for the second still groggy, Lewis was immediately attacked by Gibbons and following a tornado of rights and lefts to the head a short left-right to the jaw sent him crashing to be counted out.

On 25 June at the St Nicholas Arena, Manhattan, NYC, Gibbons received the ten-round press decision when up against Joe Stein. Despite Gibbons coming in at 149lbs, technically his 147lbs title claim was at risk when Stein made 143lbs. Stein proved to be a tough customer, being severely battered at times, and despite being dropped for ‘nine’ by a right uppercut in the second round he reached the final bell still on his feet.

Later on, Gibbons won a ten-round press decision over Tommy Maloney at Madison Square Garden, Manhattan, NYC on 23 September. That result meant nothing until it was reported in the 16th March 1916 edition of the Manchester Sporting Chronicle in England that Maloney had defended his title claim in this fight. However, on perusing Maloney’s fight record and without weights it is best forgotten.