1912-04-03 (160lbs) Georges Carpentier w pts 20 George Gunther, The Circus, Paris, France

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1912-04-03 (160lbs) Georges Carpentier w pts 20 George Gunther, The Circus, Paris, France. Having recently won the European title, Carpentier was next matched to defend his 160lbs belt against the recognised French champion, Marcel Moreau. When Moreau was injured in training, after hunting around for a replacement the promoters brought in George Gunther at ten days notice. Gunther had been claiming the world title since November 1911, having made repeated challenges to Billy Papke that had been turned down. However, with the promoters sticking to their original billing - as an Australian Gunther was hardly eligible to contest the European crown - this should be seen as a legitimate defence of both men’s claim at the weight.

Regardless of billing, Carpentier (158¼) continued to be recognised throughout France as a world champion of sorts after easily outscoring Gunther (158). Despite Gunther being ahead at the halfway point, Carpentier, who had been pacing himself, stepped up a gear from there on. At times the Australian was totally bewildered by the speed of the punches coming at him, left jabs, combinations, hooks and uppercuts all finding their mark, and on several occasions he was rocked on to his heels. Although Gunther tore into Carpentier in the last two sessions he had very little success as the skilful Frenchman kept out of harm's way, being cheered to the rafters at the final bell.