1912-04-24 (147lbs) Dixie Kid w rtd 11 (20) George Bernard, The Circus, Paris, France

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1912-04-24 (147lbs) Dixie Kid w rtd 11 (20) Georges Bernard, The Circus, Paris, France. Referee: Willie Lewis. Billed for the world 147lbs title with both men inside the weight, Bernard was dropped writhing in agony in the tenth round, whereupon the referee disqualified the Kid after the bell had already rung to get the 11th underway. Later, on being examined by three doctors, Bernard was found to show no trace of having being fouled and the decision was overturned. However, the referee had really disqualified the rapidly tiring Kid for butting, not low blows, but somehow that was not taken into account. It had been a strange fight with the Kid dancing about without doing too much while Bernard appeared bewildered at his antics. The Kid had also been warned for using his elbows. In the aftermath, the referee stated that he had been amazed by Bernard's progress and felt that the Kid had deliberately fouled the Frenchman, hitting him below the belt and butting him, because he was tiring and looking likely to lose.