1912-05-22 (160lbs) Georges Carpentier w pts 20 Willie Lewis, The Circus, Paris, France

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1912-05-22 (160lbs) Georges Carpentier w pts 20 Willie Lewis, The Circus, Paris, France. Given world title billing at 160lbs, both men were announced as being inside 158lbs. Working well with a stabbing left lead Lewis kept Carpentier busy over the first few rounds, and in the eighth after coming out of a clinch he slammed in a terrific right to the Frenchman’s head that almost won the fight for him there and then. Sent down on his knees, Carpentier was rescued by the bell at the count of ‘four’ before spending several sessions boxing in defensive mode. With Lewis beginning to tire, Carpentier made his run for home in the 13th, beginning to outspeed the American while flashing in accurate punches from both hands to go well clear by the final bell.

Now that Lewis was out of the way, Carpentier and his manager, Francois Descamps, decided that it was time to take on the very best, suggesting to Theo Vienne and Victor Breyer, who promoted at the above venue, that a contest against Billy Papke was the one they wished for. It was not until Papke was on his way to France that Descamps accepted a better offer from a group calling themselves the French NSC for a match against Frank Klaus in Dieppe.

Not to be outdone, Vienne and Breyer brought in Marcel Moreau to fight Papke, thus creating a situation in which two world title contests held at the same weight took place in France within five days of each other.