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1912-07-04 (133lbs) Ad Wolgast w co 13 (20) Mexican Joe Rivers, Vernon Arena, Los Angeles, California, USA. Referee: Jack Welch. An amazing world 133lbs title fight shrouded in controversy, saw both men knocked down simultaneously as the gong ended the 13th round before the referee lifted Wolgast (130) up and supported him, while counting Rivers (133) out. Up to that point the contest had been relatively close, with Rivers proving to be a clever fighter whom Wolgast had great difficuly in making contact with. In fact, the men had twice gone to the canvas together previously, in the sixth and ninth, and after the contest was over both men claimed to have been fouled. Rivers’ manager, who was certain that his man had been fouled at least four or five times previously, stated that the fight ended when Wolgast and Rivers both landed stiff uppercuts to the jaw. He went on to say that Wolgast then punched low, which sent Rivers leg up into his groin, and the Mexican then crashed on top of his man intentionally. Regardless of the fact that the doctors in attendance agreed that both men had been fouled the decision stood.

Wolgast, who eventually took the press verdict, next risked his title when allowing Teddy Maloney to make 133lbs for their six-round no-decision fight at the Olympia AC, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 16 October.