1912-12-04 (160lbs) Billy Papke w rtd 7 (20) Georges Bernard, The Circus, Paris, France

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1912-12-04 (160lbs) Billy Papke w rtd 7 (20) George Bernard, The Circus, Paris, France. Advertised as involving Papke’s 160lbs title claim, the American seemed to be under wraps up until the fifth before cutting loose in that session. Badly hurt, Bernard (157) went back to his corner a beaten man and in the sixth Papke (l59) was at him like a shot. Sent through the ropes by right to the jaw, Bernard tried to fight back but was dropped twice, the second time seeing him saved by the bell with the count having reached ‘nine’. Although his seconds worked on him feverishly he was unable to answer the call for the seventh and was retired. That was the official version, but later reports claimed that it had been an extremely unsatisfactory affair with more than a hint that the Bernard had been drugged, as he was sound asleep in his corner and unable to be revived in time to answer the bell for the seventh round.