1912-12-06 (135lbs) Freddie Welsh w pts 20 Hughie Mehegan, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England

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1912-12-06 (135lbs) Freddie Welsh w pts 20 Hughie Mehegan, NSC, Covent Garden, London, England. Billed for the 135lbs Imperial British Empire championship, and in some quarters reported to be for the world title, Welsh boxed in brilliant fashion to outscore the tough Mehegan, who won just five rounds at most. Mehegan was always in the fight, but was generally outboxed, especially on the inside, by the clever Welshman. Happy to allow the Australian to make the running, Welsh showed at his best when breaking away while sending in showers of hooks and jabs. While Mehegan fought desperately to win the last three sessions, and missed only by fractions at times, Welsh was content in the knowledge that all he had to do to win the fight was to remain on his feet. Following the decision in Welsh’s favour, Mehegan stated that Welsh was the toughest and cleverest man he had ever met and that he would genuinely like to meet him again.

Welsh had originally signed to fight Ad Wolgast to decide the world championship but the latter pulled out with appendicitis. When fit again, and with the Welshman back in England, Wolgast had defended at 133lbs against Willie Ritchie instead.

Recognised by many as holding the British version of the world title, catchweight fights for Welsh where he possibly risked his claim at 135lbs came against Jack Redmond (nd-w rsc 12 at the Amphitheatre Rink, Winnipeg, Canada on 16 May 1913); Kid Scaler (nd-w pts 15 at the Thistle Rink, Edmonton, Canada on 24 May 1913); Ray Campbell (w pts 15 at the Brighouse Arena, Vancouver, Canada on 12 June 1913), Dick Hyland (w pts 12 at the Holland Arena, Bute, Montana on 8 October)and Milburn Saylor (nd-w disq 9 at the Amphitheatre Rink, Winnipeg on 20 October 1913), but because no weight information is available it is mere supposition. However, while we know that Scaler reportedly gave away at least ten pounds to the Welshman, following the Saylor contest Welsh met Phil Bloom (nd-w pts 10 on 25 November 1913 at the Atlantic Garden AC, NYC, New York), weighing at ringside 135½lbs to his rival’s 132¾.