1913-01-09 (160lbs) Jack Dillon w rsc 15 (15) Frank Mantell, Rhode Island AC, Thornton, Rhode Island, USA

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1913-01-09 (160lbs) Jack Dillon w rsc 15 (15) Frank Mantell, Rhode Island AC, Thornton, Rhode Island, USA. Referee: Mr Joyce. Having earlier been recorded as a points victory for Dillon it now transpires that the fight was actually stopped by the referee, on instruction from a certain Sheriff McCusker, with 35 seconds to go in order to save Mantell from sustaining further punishment. Prior to that, Dillon had boxed a cautious fight for the opening seven rounds before moving up a gear to rattle in right hands continuously without ever having Mantell over. There was no doubt that Mantell, who was hurt at the time of the stoppage, was stalling, but still strong he was angry at not being allowed to complete the course.

Although the middleweight limit outside the USA was set at 160lbs, much of America saw 158lbs as being the mark apart from a few odd States that included Rhode Island. Thus, 160lbs was stipulated in this one, and following the result which effectively saw Mantell eliminated from the title race Dillon extended his claim from 158lbs.

Three short-distance fights for Dillon that might have carried a risk came in the space of six days against men who were all recognised middleweights. Taking on Al Rogers (nd-w pts 6 at the Old City Hall, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on 18 January), Leo Houck (nd-w pts 6 at the Olympia AC, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 22 January) and Frank Logan (nd-w pts 6 at the Nonpareil AC, Philadelphia on 24 January) in that order, at this stage of his career Dillon was happy to meet all-comers.