1913-03-24 Sam Langford drew 20 Sam McVea, Olympic Stadium, Brisbane, Australia

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1913-03-24 Sam Langford drew 20 Sam McVey, Olympic Stadium, Brisbane, Australia. Referee: Frank Craig. Recognised as a ‘black’ title defence for Langford, for the opening few rounds he was forced to play second fiddle to McVey, who used the left jab to keep his man at bay. Eventually the aggressive tactics of Langford began to pay off as the taller man tired and began to be caught on the ropes. By the 11th Langford looked to be getting on top as McVey, carrying damage to his left eye, appeared to be wilting but it was the latter who scored the first knockdown a round later. However, from thereon through to the final bell it was Langford, with lefts and rights to the head and solid rights to the body, who carried the fight to McVey and the referee’s decision of a draw was received in uproar.