1913-04-29 (122lbs) Johnny Kilbane drew 20 Johnny Dundee, Vernon Arena, Los Angeles, California, USA

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1913-04-29 (122lbs) Johnny Kilbane drew 20 Johnny Dundee, Vernon Arena, Los Angeles, California, USA. Referee: Charles Eyton. Billed for the world 122lbs title, Kilbane possibly had a two-round advantage coming into the 16th round, having stayed at long range with rights and lefts keeping Dundee at bay for much of the time. However, following a whirlwind finish over the last three sessions, Dundee made up a fair bit of lost ground to earn himself a share of the honours. There were no knockdowns.

On 10 June 1913, Kilbane stopped Jimmy Fox at the Piedmont Pavilion, Oakland, California in the sixth round of a fight reported by the Ring Record Book to have been for the world title. Further research shows the contest to have been made at 124lbs, thus nullifying any championship involvement.

In further risk fights, Kilbane (130) outscored Jimmy Walsh (122) over 12 rounds on 16 September at the Atlas AA, Boston, Massachusetts and then knocked out KO Mars in the seventh round of a ten-round no-decision contest at the Queen City AC, Cincinnati, Ohio on 30 October. The Pittsburgh Gazette roundly condemned Kilbane, who weighed in at 132lbs, for taking on the 122lb Mars in a fight where the odds were heavily stacked in his favour. His final opponent of 1913 was Eddie O’Keefe, who made the prescribed 122lbs on 10 November for a six-round contest at the Olympia AC, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but was knocked out in the first round.

By this time, Kilbane was recognised in Europe by the newly formed International Boxing Union as the world champion.

In 1914, on 29 May, Kilbane knocked out Benny Chavez in the second round of another no-decision contest at The Stadium, Denver, Colorado. Although contested at catchweights the Rocky Mountain Herald reported that, with Chavez inside 122lbs, Kilbane’s title was at risk.