1913-06-02 Bill Ladbury w rsc 11 (20) Sid Smith, The Ring, Southwark, London, England - GB/IBU

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1913-06-02 Bill Ladbury w rsc 11 (20) Sid Smith, The Ring, Southwark, London, England. Referee: Edward Humphreys. Billed for the British, European and world 112lb titles, Smith was the superior boxer of the two but was hammered by the hard-hitting Ladbury from the seventh round onwards. Although Smith was well ahead at the time, the seventh saw him coming apart at the seams as he was knocked down four times and barely made it into the eighth. From thereon it was just a matter of time and Smith was dropped once in the ninth and four times in the tenth before being smashed down for ‘nine’ in the 11th. Bleeding profusely, Smith was then pushed or swung down as many as nine times before a cracking right dropped him yet again and brought about an immediate stoppage. Despite being contested outside the jurisdiction of the NSC and thus failing to attract the Lonsdale Belt when the French-based International Boxing Union was formed a few days later, Ladbury was immediately recognised by them as the world champion. On 22 September, Jimmy Wilde (96) outpointed Young George Dando (92) over 20 rounds at the Westgate Street Skating Rink, Cardiff, in what was billed as being for the Welsh and British 108lbs paperweight titles. A return match saw Wilde score an 18th-round disqualification win over Dando at the Drill Hall, Merthyr Tydfil on 6 December. Again billed for the Welsh and British 108lbs paperweight titles, Wilde weighed in at 96lbs, while Dando made 107lbs. Another contest for Wilde saw him force Harry Brooks to retire in the ninth of a scheduled 15 at the Free Trade Hall, Manchester on 16 December. Although there was no title billing, with Wilde weighing 96lbs to Brooks’ 106lbs, his 108lbs ‘paperweight’ title claim was obviously at risk in this one. A few weeks later Wilde (94) outpointed 16-year-old Kid Nutter (88) over 20 rounds at The Pavilion, Tonypandy on 3 January 1914. Despite no title billing being accredited, Wilde later stated that his British and world 94lb titles had been at stake in this one.