1914-01-19 (158lbs) Jack Dillon w pts 12 Vic Hansen, Colorado AC, Denver, Colorado, USA

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1914-01-19 (158lbs) Jack Dillon w pts 12 Vic Hansen, Colorado AC, Denver, Colorado, USA. Referee: Tommy McDonnell. Billed for the middleweight championship of the world, the Denver Post reported that both men made the required 158lbs. Outboxing Hansen right from the opening bell, and after dropping him twice for ‘nine’, Dillon broke his right hand in the second round and from there onwards used his left hand exclusively. Even then Hansen was occasionally in trouble and in the latter sessions he held on to avoid taking too much punishment to the body.

A few days after this one Dillon took on Harry Baker (nd-w co 1 at the Tomlinson Hall, Indianapolis, Indiana on 30 January). It is not clear whether Dillon bothered to make weight for Baker, a natural middleweight, or not.

Another fight at 158lbs for Dillon came against Freddie Hicks (nd-drew 8 on 4 February at the Athletic Club, Windsor, Ontario, Canada), before he allowed George KO Brown (w pts 8 on 23 March at the Phoenix AC, Memphis, Tennessee) to weigh 159lbs to his 170. Sandwiched somewhere between these two was an eight-round contest against Tommy Danforth (nd-w rsc 8 at the Phoenix AC, Memphis, Tennessee on 9 February). The fight report stated that Dillon was much the heavier and knowing that Danforth was a big welter at this time I guess there was some risk attached, although you would hardly think so.

Dillon next laid claim to the American light heavyweight title after beating Battling Levinsky, another future champion at 175lbs, on 14 April and although there would be a few more defences of his middleweight claim he would soon be concentrating his efforts at the higher poundage.