1914-02-26 (160lbs) Joe Borrell w pts 15 Georges Bernard, The Stadium, Liverpool, England

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1914-02-26 (160lbs) Joe Borrell w pts 15 George Bernard, The Stadium, Liverpool, England. Referee: George Dunning. Billed as a world championship bout at 160lbs with both men inside the weight, it received very little recognition as one even in Britain. Regardless of that it was well contested, the fourth round being sensational with Bernard decked four times from body blows and once by a tremendous left-right to the jaw that would have finished most men. Not only did Bernard fight on but he more than gave the American a run for his money, especially in the last three sessions when he scored freely with solid shots to head and body. There were many who thought Bernard may even have won and while the referee scored it 69 to 57 in favour of Borrell it was the Frenchman who received the majority of the plaudits.