1914-05-05 (160lbs) Joe Borrell w rsc 8 (20) Marcel Moreau, The Circus, Paris, France

From Barry Hugman's History of Championship Boxing
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1914-05-05 (160lbs) Joe Borrell w rsc 8 (20) Marcel Moreau, The Circus, Paris, France. Referee: Msr Cuny. Although there was no title billing attached, with both men safely inside the required 160lbs Borrell’s claim at the weight was certainly at risk. Moreau made a good start, sending in blows from both hands from the outside while Borrell was notable more for his use of elbow work. Unfortunately for Moreau, the third round saw him hit badly low and had he gone done he would surely have won by disqualification, so obvious was the delivery from Borrell. Boxing stated that from that moment only one man remained in the fight. With his left eye badly damaged in the fifth and taking a battering to the body each proceeding round saw Moreau falling further behind and badly weakening. The end came in the eighth when Moreau, although still standing, was absolutely defenceless before being led back to his corner by the referee. This would be Borrell’s last contest in Europe and after arriving back in the USA and concentrating mainly on six-round affairs his championship claim faded away.