1914-06-15 Jack Dillon w pts 12 Bob Moha, Convention Hall, Butte, Montana, USA - USA

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1914-06-15 Jack Dillon w pts 12 Bob Moha, Convention Hall, Butte, Montana, USA - USA. Referee: John McIntosh. According to the Anaconda Standard this was a light-heavyweight title battle at 165lbs, with Moha (163½) Dillon and (163) both looking strong at the weight. In what was a terrible contest, Moha covered up and stalled continuously as the aggressive Dillon made all of the running. The fight was so suspicious that Moha, who lost any claim he may have had to the 175lbs title, was forced to settle for only part of his promised purse. During the rest of the year, often weighing in way above the middleweight limit, Dillon also risked losing his light-heavyweight claim when defending his right to be recognised as the 160lbs middleweight champion. This applied in contests against Sailor Petroskey (w pts 10 on 3 July at Ascot Park, Kansas City, Missouri), George KO Brown (nd-w pts 10 on 21 July at the Baseball Park, Terre Haute, Indiana) and Sailor Einert (nd-w pts 10 on 7 September at the Baseball Park, Terre Haute). He again took on Brown (nd-drew 10 on 15 September at the Knox County Fairgrounds, Vincennes, Indiana) before coming to the ring at 183½lbs for a match against the 172lbs Frank Mantell (nd-w pts 12 on 28 September at Goodale Aerodrome, Columbus, Ohio). Then, for the third time in two months Dillon met up with Brown (nd-nc 3 on 14 October at The Coliseum, St Louis, Missouri). Another occasion where there was possibly a risk of sorts came on 25 January 1915 at the Phoenix AC, Memphis, Tennessee when Dillon stopped Larry English in the fourth of an eight-round no-decision contest. Reporting on the fight, the Memphis Daily Appeal stated that although both men weighed about 170lbs they were almost certainly inside 175lbs.