1914-07-18 (142lbs) Kid Graves nd-w co 2 (10) Johnny Kid Alberts, Broadway SC, Brooklyn, NYC, New York, USA

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1914-07-18 (142lbs) Kid Graves nd-w co 2 (10) Johnny Kid Alberts, Broadway AC, Brooklyn, NYC, New York, USA. There was limited information on this fight, other than the result and the fact that Graves did what a whole lot of top-notch boxers have tried in vain to accomplish when knocking Alberts out. The fight report in the New York Telegram stated that the end came so suddenly the spectators were bewildered.

Having beaten Alberts at 142lbs, Graves stated that he should be recognised as the champion on the grounds that Mike Gibbons and Packey McFarland appeared to be fighting in a higher division and that other noted men had fallen by the wayside. As in the case of Spike Kelly and Mike Glover, his claim was supported in the TS Andrews’ Annual.

It has also been reported that the winner of the Graves v Albert fight was recognised by the American Boxing Association (ABA) as the welterweight champion, being the final of a competition to find such a man. At this stage of its history, the ABA was a little known body that was eventually reformed on 21 September 1915.

In his next contest Graves (143½) again faced Alberts (146½), on 30 September at the Broadway AC, winning the ten-round press decision, but this time both men were above 142lbs. Later in the year, Graves challenged McFarland to a bout that would settle the championship but nothing came of it.