1914-11-02 Freddie Welsh nd-w rsc 9 (10) Ad Wolgast, Madison Square Garden, Manhattan, NYC, New York, USA - WORLD

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1914-11-02 Freddie Welsh nd-w rsc 9 (10) Ad Wolgast, Madison Square Garden, Manhattan, NYC, New York, USA - WORLD. Referee: Billy Roche. Made at 135lbs, both men were inside the weight at the 3pm weigh-in, while the ringside scales had Welsh at 136lbs with Wolgast scaling 135½. Earlier, Welsh had claimed that in Europe championship contestants were asked to make 135lbs eight hours prior to the contest, while the Frawley Law, regulating boxing in New York, called for a ringside weigh-in. He went on to say that as the champion, he would determine the time of the weigh-in not anyone else. Apart from the second round when Wolgast was able to work on the inside with both hands, Welsh controlled the fight and by the fourth the challenger’s right eye was bleeding badly after he had been continually speared by stiff left jabs. It got worse. Unable to match Welsh’s superb footwork, Wolgast was often left floundering and at the end of the eighth, in which he was given a merciless drubbing, he was retired having broken his right arm in the previous round. On 9 November at the Auditorium, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Welsh allowed Charley White (133) to enter the ring inside 135lbs in what was advertised as a title fight despite it being held at catchweights. For the record, Welsh, who weighed in at 141lbs, lost the ten-rounder on points as far as the press was concerned. In his next contest, Welsh took on Lockport Jimmy Duffy (nd-l pts 10 on 19 November at the Broadway Auditorium, Buffalo, New York). Although the ringside weights showed them to scale 135lbs and 136¾, respectively, it is unclear whether the contracted weight was 135lbs and whether or not both men were inside it at the 3pm weigh-in. When Welsh met Fred Yelle (w pts 12 on 24 November at the Atlas AA, Boston, Massachusetts), the Boston Post reported that with the latter making the weight the champion’s title was at stake. The paper went on to say that Welsh had a pull in the weights, which was a clear indication that he was above 135lbs, while Yelle was inside 135lbs. Another fight for Welsh that was made at 135lbs, 3pm weigh-in, came against Young Abe Brown (nd-w pts 10 on 26 November at The Arena, Syracuse, New York) and while the Syracuse Herald indicated that the latter had made the weight there was nothing in the paper to suggest that the champion had.