1915-06-11 Jack Dillon nd-w pts 10 Frank Mantell, Harlem AC, Baseball Park, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA - USA

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1915-06-11 Jack Dillon nd-w pts 10 Frank Mantell, Harlem AC, Baseball Park, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA - USA. Referee: Lou Bauman. Risking his crown against his old rival once again, Dillon (169) won in a canter, being the master of the situation at all stages of the contest. The only time Dillon, who fought in a cool and deliberate manner, raised his game was when Mantell (168½) caught him with right swings to the jaw that stung him into action. There were no knockdowns despite Dillon’s superiority.

Another fight, with both men inside 158lbs, where both of Dillon’s title claims were risk came against George Chip (drew 10 on 5 July at Association Park, Kansas City, Missouri) and although Dillon weighed 170lbs for a contest against Johnny Howard (nd-w pts 10 on 12 July at Brown’s Gym, Rockaway, Queens, NYC, New York), with the latter weighing in at 160lbs both of Dillon’s title claims were again on the line.

A few days later, on 16 July, Dillon took on the Zulu Kid (nd-w pts 10 at Brown’s Gym) in a contest that was also thought to involve his title claim at 175lbs. But as yet the weights are unconfirmed.

On 30 August, Dillon (171) was given the six-round press decision following a no-decision contest against Sailor Grande (165) at the Olympia AC, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It is not clear whether Dillon’s contest against Tom McMahon (nd-w pts 6) at the Duquesne Gardens, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on 25 September carried his title claim but the pair had boxed at 175lbs a short while earlier.

When Dillon took on Frank Farmer (nd-w co 4 at the Armory B, Oshkosh, Wisconsin on 18 November) it is not known at what weight the fight was made at but the latter, who scaled around 162lbs, stated that if he won he would have claim the light heavyweight title.

Another contest thought to have been made at 175lbs came against Al Norton (nd-w rsc 4 at the Phoenix AC, Memphis, Tennessee on 20 December), a previous opponent, in what was an eight-round affair.

Earlier, in mid-November, the newly formed American Boxing Association stated that they would be recognising Dillon as the 175lbs champion.